Alt Bio

Howard Michael Gould is painfully aware that his IMDb page is comically thin for a writer-producer-director with such a long career in television and film, and contains very little which has found a prominent or lasting place in the culture.

For many years he was paid to write screenplays and television pilots which for one reason or another did not get made but which garnered enough regard that he kept getting paid to write more screenplays and television pilots which also did not get made.  Frustrated with that treadmill, he began to focus on writing original material outside of the traditional Hollywood development system, and had just enough scripts get produced–and, more important, enough come close to getting produced–to spend many years on that treadmill.

Along the way, however, he’s somehow managed to be largely or even principally responsible for several pieces in various mediums which, though relatively unknown, still make him smile, and one which still gives him chest pains.

In this BIO, ETC. section you can find notes on and links to some of those pieces.